The perfect balance of health and taste

The perfect balance of health and taste

Admin | 03 November 2018

With the onset of health consciousness across the globe, people are now more aware than ever about eating healthy and quality food from reputed restaurants to ensure that they don’t fall pry of cheap street food and unhygienic food-preparing scenarios. Hygiene is a great concern for us, and this is why Friends kitchen is proud to boast a ground to ceiling hygienic pass through of edibles, ensuring that you don’t get anything other than fresh tasty food on your plate. Our expert chefs ensure that we use freshly cut veggies, choice spices and locally sourced ingredients to ensure that we can maximize healthiness of our food without compromising on the ever-tasty dining our customers have known and loved for years. This same concern for hygiene is also translated in our outdoor catering options, where our dedicated staff and timely deliveries ensure that your food remains hot, fresh and delicious.

We also offer health-conscious options for our customers with a variety of salads and cottage cheese alternative options to ensure that there is something tasty for everyone that comes here at Friends kitchen. Our methods have always garnered a shroud of trust by our customers as they symbolize our brand with guaranteed quality and taste. We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that you stay healthy and satisfied and therefore our company wide hygiene policies reflect in our restaurant's cleanliness, our menu variety and our dedicated staff expertly trained to upheld health above all else. Using farm-fresh ingredients everyday ensures that there is absolutely no chance of an ingredient going bad or stale, ensuring above-par taste and quality in every single dish.

We also boast a fresh-cooked delivery policy that inhibits supplying immediately cooked dishes as opposed to stale food items passed off as freshly cooked. This nullifies the chances of you procuring a dull tasteless food dish that doesn’t upheld the brand that is Friends kitchen. So, the next time you are in the mood for a quick bite or a fine dining option, come over to Friends kitchen and experience the culinary expertise of cooking healthy and tasty food.

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