Redefining the culinary experience

Redefining the culinary experience

Admin | 03 November 2018

Food is not about the dish, it’s about the experience. Redefining taste, presentation and the ambiance are the differences between eating and dining. It's the little details in the food industry that makes all the difference, and only a handful of restaurants are able to understand the value of culinary experience, appreciate its importance and recreate the experience in a way that is easily accessible by the common person. A good restaurant is not all about the taste, it’s about creativity and offering an unforgettable experience towards the customer in a way that redefines the culinary art of dining.

At Friends kitchen, we have always strived towards putting the customer first. Our menu is therefore a foodie’s paradise, as we offer a vast variety of Indian and continental dishes served with our signature hospitality and undying love of taste. Our staff is trained to adhere to your every need, be attentive to your special requests and upheld hygiene above all else. Our restaurant offers the required above-par ambiance and comfortable seating any customer will expect and appreciate in a leading restaurant. Even though we have mastered the art of restaurant dining, we decided to take it a step further and make our food more accessible. This is why we introduced our doorstep delivery, tray order and outdoor catering options. These are targeted towards both singular and groups of people that want the same taste they have known and loved here at Friends kitchen and make it more portable and mobile.

Other than a lip-smacking taste and all-around health-check, our catering options also offer a dedicated service staff to ensure that you don’t spent most of the time serving food instead of actually mingling with the crowd. Nobody likes to do the dishes, and with surreal tasty food and hospitable staff, you now have every excuse imaginable to skip the cooking & cleaning and actually enjoy the lavish parties you host instead of just counting the minutes till the crowd leaves your ransacked house alone. Be it within the enclosure of our restaurant or at the location of your choice, Friends kitchen is a culinary brand you can trust in offering you a world-class dining experience without making any compromises.

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